Case: Figata Ciclismo

Intro: Figata Ciclismo is one of my own companies but I decided to use it as a case since it can show off my I wide range of my skills while I have permission you actually use it as a case - obviously. 

What is Figata Ciclismo?

Figata Ciclismo was a stylish cycling clothing brand which has now made a company fusion with another cycling apparel brand. I have designed everything from the logo, clothing and webshop.


Stylish Cycling Clothing logo - Figata Ciclismo

The stylish cycling clothing

I have designed everything from the top to bottom in Adobe illustrator before I got the products manufactured on a factory in Asia. When I received the products I made a photoshoot by myself and edited the photos in Photoshop.



I do not have programing skills so I develop website in general in CMS systems like Squarespace, Weebly, Wordpress (Not my favourite), Squarespace, Prestashop (Not my favourite either), Shopify etc.

The Figata webshop is developed in Shopify.

PLEASE NOTICE: The small language icons is NOT part of the design. My screensaver just copied it over and over when I made the screenshots.

Front page

Product page

Normally I would have made the call-to-action button (The buy button) green or blue to be an eye catcher. However this stylish cycling clothing was all about the visual look so everything was kept in black and golden biege.

Size guide page

About us page

Action photo

I hope this case can give you an idea of my skills. I am so busy with my clients that I never really got the time to make even one case but some people are still asking about my cases. 

Off course I also had to wear this cycling apparel myself!