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Born in 1986 in a suburb of Copenhagen. In 1995 I competed in my first road race in cycling - which I won. 10 years later I had won 5 National Championships and made a name as one of the greatest international cycling talents. In 2006 I was forced to quit my career due to a knee injury. I started to study and in 2007 I started at Niels Brock and in 2010 I Graduated my International Business Baccalaureate in Spanish, cultural studies and marketing. In 2011 I was selected along 50 other lucky people to start at the Danish School of Media & Journalism to study Media Production and Management (DMJX). In 2013 I was admitted at KEA Design & Business to finish my Academy Profession Degree Programme in Design, Technology and Business. My title is "Design Technologist - in Marketing & Sales Management". I wrote my thesis about content marketing and passed with Grade A.


Anders Berendt

31 years

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Design & BranDING

I'm not a standard designer. I am a designer with a commercial background in sales and marketing - I think business before any design. I am not about winning awards, but about creating sales and make businesses grow.

I have designed several succesful logo's for companies including websites and brand DNA's. I have a superb record of creating succesful performance landingpages of some of the biggest brands in Scandinavia and have experience from both private companies, startups and agencies. 

Clarifying the intention behind any business, knowing the core services and USP's is VERY important when it comes to design and branding and as technologies for virtual reality evolve, it will allow for new information to be layered over the physical world. This will open up an increasing demand for designers who can deliver communicating and immersive experiences on cross media. I keep up with the latest stuff from around the industry and will strive to master video editing, graphic design, Photoshop and Adobe After Effects in years to come.

I also have experience with establishing new companies in a very young age, since I wanted to learn more about my own skills. I have created three clothing brands; Abbe Polyhagen, Rosa Nera Cph and Figata Ciclismo. This is my free playground.

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Content Strategy

Content is more than inbound tactics like social media postings, SEO, videos and blogs. In any great content strategy the word content becomes more important to the overall business strategy. I can create content strategies for brands to stand out and be remembered. I can guide any media production and handle media channels to make them alluring, relevant and most importantly, results driven.

I've had great success curating content before on digital media platforms - developing their voice, sharing inspiration, starting conversations, attracting and influencing their target markets to create website traffic, leads and even direct sales.

I was one of the two anchormen behind a YouTube channel reaching over 1 million views on YouTube in just a few years - and got featured on WikiHow, the worlds most popular how-to website.

I have a journalistic approach to my content and like to create entertainment - I have developed one of the first content marketing models to create power content. Data research and analysis is a very important part of my strategies.

My content strategy will bring your business ahead of your competitors in the future.


From another world.

Living in a different way.

Half of my life a have been an athlete. 

I dedicated everything to the roads. 

all over the world.


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