Questions in relation to your company

1- How would you describe your services and/or products?


2- What do you want your new logo to accomplish? What do you want people to think about it?
This question helps to understand the problem or concept.


4- Who are your main competitors? (If relevant)
Feel free to share links to your competitors.


5- How are you different from your competitors?


6- What’s the target customer base? Examples:

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Geographic location
  • Income bracket
  • Occupation
  • Social class
  • Marital status


7- What is the name of the company and do you want it to be part of the logo?


Questions in relation to the design

1- Do you have a tag line? If so, would you like it stated along side your logo?


2- Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo?


3- Do you have any color preferences, or existing brand colors?


4- Do you have any colors that you do not wish to use?


5- What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey to those who view it?


6- Where will you logo be used?
Example: print, web…


7- Where will your logo primarily be used?
If the primary usage is for the web, typically horizontal logos work best.


8- What’s your preferred deadline, time frame or exact date of completion?


9- Would you like any addition design services to be packaged with your new logo?
Example: business cards, envelops, letterheads, etc.


10- What logos appeal to you and why? (Optional)
Give examples like Coca Cola, Adidas, Cartoon logos etc.


A designer is no better than the brief.