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  • Former pro road cyclist

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My three main skills






Creation & Design

I could have called it "online business" or just sales, but eCommerce best describes what I have worked with for several years. I love to be both strategic, tactic and operational in my work. I have knowledge and experience with a lot of international eCommerce markets including the Nordics, DACH countries, USA, UK and China etc. I incorporate automated sale funnels in most of my strategies while always focusing on these 3 principles:

  1. Increase the number of customers.

  2. Increase the average order value.

  3. Increase the order frequency per customer.


These are the only 3 ways to grow a business online.

My eCommerce skills are very much focused on sales and marketing.

A know extremely much about SEO, Amazon, Social Media Marketing, Permission Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing (And MUCH more) which is key to get success online. I work every day to become better at what I do. Wether it being signing of for permissions, going to a specific page - I leave no coincidence but takes control over the human brain from the user comes for their first visit and leaves the site again. 


Data & eCommerce

Numbers don't lie. I look at numbers on a daily basis to optimize my businesses. Data is important to optimize both the internal and external of the company. The user experience would be nothing without data.


I always have the goal to be the best in business. To be the best you have to work a little harder, a little smarter while being innovative. I believe that in the future - Automated intelligence will be a game-changer.

I feel like I have been learning and working with online maketing since I build my first website at the age of 14. SEO techniques such as content creation, link building and SEO strategies for organic growth are just the basics for me. Permission marketing. Social media strategies, content and ad campaigns, 
Conversion optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Third party platforms such as Zalando and Amazon, AdWords and traffic generation as well as lead generation - you name it and know something about it online.

Really good at content

Content is more than inbound tactics like social media postings, SEO, videos and blogs. In any great content strategy the word content becomes more important to the overall business strategy. I can create content strategies for brands to stand out and be remembered. I can guide any media production and handle media channels to make them alluring, relevant and most importantly, results driven.

I've had great success curating content before on digital media platforms - developing their voice, sharing inspiration, starting conversations, attracting and influencing their target markets to create website traffic, leads and even direct sales.

I was one of the two anchormen behind a YouTube channel reaching over 1 million views on YouTube in just a few years - and got featured on WikiHow, the worlds most popular how-to website.

I have a journalistic approach to my content since I have been studying on the Danish School of Media and Journalism.


I have developed one of the first content marketing business models to create power content. Data research and analysis is a very important part of my strategies. My content strategy will bring your business ahead of your competitors in the future.

This subject is what makes my profile really unique. I have a natural passion for creating creative content and design like video and editing, graphic design in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. UX, newsletters etc. This is also why I like to be both strategic, tactic and operational. I think this is an important advantage for me.

My current career kickstarted thanks to my creative side and you can find a small number of creative examples on my Behance portfolio here >>


I'm not the usual graphic designer though. I am a designer with a commercial background in sales and marketing - I think business before any design. I am not about winning design awards, but about creating sales and make businesses grow.

I have designed several successful logos for companies including websites and brand DNAs. I have a superb record of creating successful performance landing pages of some of the biggest brands in Scandinavia and have experience from both private companies, startups, and agencies. 

Clarifying the intention behind any business, knowing the core services and USP's is VERY important when it comes to design and branding and as technologies for virtual reality evolve, it will allow for new information to be layered over the physical world. This will open up an increasing demand for designers who can deliver communicating and immersive experiences on cross-media. I keep up with the latest stuff from around the industry and will strive to master video editing, graphic design, Photoshop etc. in years to come.

I also have experience in establishing new companies at a very young age, since I wanted to learn more about my own skills. I have created three clothing brands; Abbe PolyhagenRosa Nera Cph, and Figata Ciclismo. Those have always been my my key learning playgrounds.

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Born in 1986. I am a former professional cyclist from Denmark and were one of the biggest international talents. A knee injury forced me to stop my sports career and change my dreams. Today I work with e-Commerce and strives to be one of the best all-round businessmen focusing on online business. My passion is to make business' grow and give others the tools to become better at what they do. I am a guy that wants to make a proof of content - instead of telling it, I want to show it. I like to focus on all kinds on online projects by myself but someday I all dream of leading an international team of digital specialists.


I want to be the world champion in what I do. I have a 100% success rate in overall eCommerce improvements based on Conversion Rate and sales. I created my first website when I was 13 years old.


I strive to be in ahead with the tech and I believe that within managing companies to succeed in the future, flexibility and fast decision making will win.


The blockchain is the future and I have invested a lot of time gaining knowledge of the following subjects; Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, and data management.


I believe that Blockchain is not only the future. It is the internet of money. Few believed in it - just like nobody believed in computers and the internet before it took over the world by storm.


I cannot run from a car or fly like a plain. That is why I believe that computer intelligence will outperform the human brain in the future. We just have to control it and set the goals. I am ready to adapt to new technology and the future to stay ahead of the competition.




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