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Guide: Creating a Facebook sales funnel for eCommerce

A Facebook sales funnel is very important if you want to succeed with eCommerce or consulting. A sales funnel will make you think your online advertising step by step.

If you want to see your online sales curve grow fast, it all comes down to how you create your sales funnel.

Let's take an example.

Say you are a Facebook Marketing Consultant and your new client are a real estate agent.

Step one for all of your campaigns would be to ask about your clients goal.

The answer would then be something like this;

"Our goal is to sell X homes in X area withing X months." (For a real estate agent).

Now you know about which direction to follow. Next question is, how to get there.

This is where the Facebook sales funnel comes in handy.

Most online advertisers starts being creative right away.

I suggest you take it step by step. Remember what we all learned in school. Let's break it down to the simplest marketing campaign ever;

First thing in the old marketing models have changed a bit since we got big data available - everywhere. But most campaigns should start with a solid market research and customer segmentation/persona.

And, this is where most people make the first BIG MISTAKE when it comes to Facebook advertising.

Many advertising starts defining the target audience in the Facebook advertising platform. Uploads the the

creatives and then waits 1 or 2 maximum 3 days for the sales to fly in. This happens rarely and you don't want to overspend or delete your clients ROAS (Return on ad spend) so you shuts down the campaign after 2 days.

OK, let's get back to the real estate example:

We know we cannot sell homes online (yet) so the goal is to find relevant leads = couples or people ready to buy a new house with x period in x location(s).

If you create Facebook ads with a Sales Funnel technique you would create several ads taking the users on a online journey through several steps.

For example:

First thing we need to know after we have defined our target audience is whether they are actually looking to buy a new house within the next 6-12 months.

Why not ask people?

I always love to give this example to people when we discuss ads during meetings.

I start asking people what they would do if a person opened the door into our meeting-room screaming 10% off furniture's today. Pay now and get it today. Then I ask the people in the room. Would any of you buy right now?

It is the same thing about Facebook ads.

People are on Facebook to be social... to join a conversation or to engage in a community in some way or another. Not to actually search for products - then they would be on Amazon or Google.

So, instead we could ask people in the first ad on Facebook "Would you live in your current home for the rest of your life? Reply "yes" or "no". (Just to give an example. I will let the create side and copywriting be up to you)

For all people clicking "yes" we now know that they could potentially be new people looking to buy a new home. They are ready to be influenced.

We have already made the first step in our sales funnel. What we did here was:

  1. selecting a audience

  2. creating attention through a relevant question.

Facebook Sales Funnel model

The next step would be to create segments based on the answers on the questions.

You may get a group that a looking to buy a house now and another group looking to move within the next 2 years. Groups based on income and area etc. are also important in this case.

You should target these groups with different content to make it relevant for both client and users.

Yes, you have probably guessed it by now. This Facebook ad strategy is based on traffic generation to landingpage and then retargeting. The Facebook sales funnel is very much based on retargeting.

This will create you a ton of leads for your landingpages because you can make it almost 100% accurate in your content.

Note: This strategy is not worthy**on low cost impulsive products since the costs will be too high. Other factors and methods should be applied here.

Ask me a question in a comment below about how I would create a campaign for your product. I may pick one of the suggestions to create a new post.


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